Monday, October 21, 2019

www.jenniferfrisk.comHow many times have we heard about the power of belief? How many times have we all been told that whatever we believe is what is?

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.“

In fact, I, myself, have said over and over and over that whatever you expect is what you get.   I’ve
always said that.  Expectation is equivalent to belief.  Somehow or other, though, I’ve managed to lose some of the confidence I’ve always been known for.  Somehow, I’ve begun to expect failure.

Now, that process has been insidious and undetected. It wasn’t until this week – as I’m writing this from beautiful Aruba – that I even recognized it at all. But before I expound on that, let me tell you a little backstory, OK?

As a kid, I was afraid of trying anything new or outside of what I thought a good little Christian girl should do. Things always looked fun to me, but I was afraid of doing something wrong or – worse yet – failing miserably. But then something happened and suddenly adventures became real.  Novelty was exciting.  And every time, the more new things I tried, the more I found I was good at. I was actively fighting the idea that I would fail miserably AND building confidence.

My confidence chops, my lust for doing something new, were at an unprecedented high. I felt – and believed – that I could literally do anything.

Let’s come back to now, though, shall we? My husband and I are currently vacationing in beautiful Aruba. So many things to do and see, and I was excited to try them all.

Until it was my turn.
Until it was time to do the things I said I wanted to.

Suddenly, I was convinced I couldn’t climb the rock wall.  Guess what?  I couldn't.
Suddenly, I was convinced that I couldn’t windsurf.  Guess what?  I couldn’t.
Suddenly, I was convinced I couldn’t drive a UTV...

That last one? That was the kicker. That is what finally opened my eyes to my new – or should I say reverted – “play it safe“ ways. Why? Because I desperately wanted to.  I wanted to do more than just ride in the passenger seat. I wanted to drive.

So I had this conversation with myself on the first leg when my husband did actually drive us out to our first stop.
When did I stop believing in myself?
When did I stop believing I could do anything?
When did the fear of failure overpower the excitement of possibility?
And when did safety become more important than the thrill?

Talk about a gut punch. I’ve always considered myself a strong person. But if I am to continue to classify myself in that way, I’d have to be willing to change. I’d have to be willing to venture outside of my comfort zone. And I would have to be willing to fail.

Would I have been able to climb that rock wall if I had believed in myself? Honestly, probably not. My hands were sweating to no end, and I had no grip. So no, I don’t believe that I could. But then again, there’s that word believe…

But would I have been able to successfully windsurf if I had believed in myself? Yes, actually, I believe I could. If I could have shut off that voice in my head, I believe that I could have windsurfed. And I intend to try again.

You are what you believe Now that UTV? When we got to the first stop, and hubby asked me again if I wanted to drive? You had better believe that I got in the driver seat and had the time of my life!

What about you? What beliefs do you have about yourself? Are there any you’d like to change? Take 15 minutes, right now, and consider things you tell yourself on a daily basis. Those are your beliefs.

Do you like them? If not, let’s change them.  I would love to help you with that crazy task! Are you in? Let’s do this!

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