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Friday, May 01, 2020

I have been away for awhile, and it has been a crazy period of time.  For those of you still following along, here's a real quick, bulleted rundown of what has happened over the last year:

  • I went back to the small hospital I left in 2018 in August of 2019.  That hospital was forced to close in December of 2019.  
  • I started my dream job as a clinical nursing instructor in February of this year...which resulted in a net 75% pay cut.  (yes, really)
  • I started a master's program that I will complete at the latest by August of 2021.
  • I had some medical stuff happen and did a stint with a very low-carb diet.  It had some pros and cons, but I'm back to a more balanced approach.  More on that whole departure in an upcoming post.
  • Covid-19 hit...and the world changed.  
    • Social distancing became a thing
    • Toilet paper became the new must-have accessory
    • Grocery shopping is a fun outing (how did that happen, exactly?)
  • Annnnnd, on top of everything else (because of everything else?), my business tanked.  In the words of a very wise coach, it just wasn't my priority.
That brings me to now.  I've been reading two personal development books lately - both concerned with habits.  (Atomic Habits by James Clear and PUSH by Chalene Johnson are both phenomenal books, and I HIGHLY recommend them!)  PUSH mentioned something in my reading this morning that made me really stop and think.  The catalysts for lasting success for most people were the results of "relatively tolerable events and their love for someone else that finally led to a moment of mental clarity in which they just decided this must end!"

It made me think of my own health and fitness journey and the continued success I experience therein.  I started my journey years ago.  Originally it was for my husband.  To look better for him.  To make him proud.  To not be the "frumpy" wife.  To be able to wear the short black dresses he loved so much.  The decision had nothing to do with me.  Establishing those habits didn't happen for me.  That process happened for him.

Eventually, that morphed as he truly didn't care.  As frustrating as that is, he didn't - not in the least.  And he never noticed, never commented.  So at some point, I had the option to either quit because my main motivation was truly unattainable or I could change my focus.  Guess what?  I changed my focus, and have fallen in LOVE with fitness for ME.  How it makes me feel.  How it increased my confidence.  How it clears my head and makes me a better person.

Ever the scientist in my own mind, I wonder.  What if that's the key to my success in business?  What if I need to do it for "someone else" until I find my own reasons?  What if that's why I don't have a strong personal reason to excel?

Now, I have to be honest.  My husband would not work to inspire my business goals.  Not at all.  He cares even less about my business than he does about my fitness.  So then, who can I use?  I'm ashamed to tell you that the answer took all day for me to realize.  Especially when the answer is so simple, so obvious.  The answer?  YOU.

That's right, you are my motivation.  What can I do to serve you?  How can I meet your needs?  What goals can I establish this month to help you?  What habits can I institute to make your life better?

This is my starting point.  What do you think?  Does this serve you?  Let me know in the comments!

Helping Others Helps Me

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